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Project Outline

Work Packages

The total work content of the project has been broken down into a series of work packages, which will be organised by a respective Work Package Leader.

WP Description WP Lead Partner
Project Management1TWI Ltd
Sample Procurement and System Specifications2TWI Ltd & LC & SKM
Development of Acoustic emission and Vibration modules3TWI Ltd
Integration of BearInspect with Rotabolt, Temperature and Eddy Current sensors4TWI Ltd & James Walker & Co Ltd & AI
Software and system control unit5University of Sheffield & CMR
Integration, validation and field trials6TWI Ltd & SKM
Dissemination and exploitation7TWI Ltd & LC

The work packages have been divided and arranged in time in order to maximise the chances of attaining the scientific and technical targets set for the project. TWI is responsible to maintain an overview and to ensure that the deliverables and milestones are achieved on schedule.

Detailed roles of the partners

  • TWI Ltd will provide the research capability, the facility for testing Acoustic Emission, Vibration Sensors, Eddy current system and temperature monitoring. TWI will lead the integration and the validation of the Condition Monitoring System.
  • University of Sheffield will contribute in the automation of the system by developing the appropriate signal analysis algorithms and the control software.
  • CMR Ltd will design and manufacture AE, VA and ET hardware components for data acquisition, data transfer and storage.
  • SKM will provide gearbox, specifications for the wind turbine, gearbox and bearings. SKM provided access to wind farm.
  • James Walker & Co Ltd will provide knowledge and expertise in sealing and electronic bolting technology related to bearings in wind turbine.
  • LC will provide generator rotating components, samples of the slip-ring.
  • Applied Inspection Ltd will provide guidance on development of fault diagnosis techniques and standardisation.